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The most friendly, caring, Vet approved Cattery in Milton Keynes

Charlesberry Cattery was totally rebuilt in 2002 with the remit of comfort and hygiene in mind. There are 4 cat houses each of which are divided into 10 apartments. 5 of the apartments have views of glorious countryside to the west, the other 5 have pleasant garden views which are swathed in morning sunshine. The majority of accommodation is inside with the addition of outside sunbathing verandas where cats can lounge in the summer months. If it gets too hot outside they can retreat to the shade of indoors where a gentle breeze blows through the houses from west to east. In the winter months windows are closed and houses are heated to ambient household temperatures. Unlike many of our competitors, our cat houses are of solid construction and built of brick with rendered walls. They are fully insulated and built to the highest standards. Many ‘traditional’ cattery buildings operated by other catteries are basically glorified sheds that have been converted into cattery pens. By design these can never be totally secure and can be unbearable in the extremes of the summer and winter months.

Cattery Milton Keynes
Cattery in Milton Keynes

We are the only Cattery in Milton Keynes to heat the entire cat pen, thus replicating the home environment. Other Catteries in Milton Keynes heat just a ‘nesting box’ or provide a heated bed or heat-pad. Our Cattery affords our feline guests the comfort of their entire accommodation and is particularly beneficial for house cats.

Internal accommodation consists of a suspended floor where beds are placed. A stair leads to the ground floor where litter trays are placed. We encourage Owners to bring their own beds, scratching posts, toys and water fountains to afford the familiarity of home for their loved ones.

Cattery Milton Keynes Accommodation

We have such faith in our ability that we offer free Veterinary fee cover whilst your pet is boarding, please see full conditions. In the very rare event of a cat becoming unwell we will take them immediately to your Veterinary Surgery (if this is within a reasonable distance). We do this as your Vets are the only ones who have a past medical history of your cat.

If your Pet has a pre-existing medical condition and requires tablets or the like to be administered, unlike most other catteries we are happy to do this free of charge.

We stock most main brand foods such as Hills, Iams, Whiskas & Felix. If we do not stock the food you feed you are more than welcome to bring your own.

We operate a Collection and Delivery service on Weekday mornings, which regularly visits Milton Keynes, Bedford and the surrounding Towns and Villages.

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